Month: June 2019

Memory Is Inescapable In The Latest Agents Of SHIELD

For as much as they’ve been extra kept apart this season we definitely deserved a good FitzSimmons reunion.  After all, keeping these two characters apart has been a cornerstone of the series, particularly in the last few years.  Although ‘Inescapable’ is only the sixth episode of the season, it feels like Simmons has been searching for […]

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The Book Slows The Pace Of Good Omens A Bit

Have you ever had someone tell you a story about an event that you were present for?  Did that person struggle to fit in so many details, in case there might have been something you missed, that your attention span wandered?  “The Book” feels like that moment.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve had a few read-throughs of […]

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In The Beginning, Good Omens Sets The Stage

Being the first episode of a fairly ambitious series ‘In the Beginning’ gets a little more leeway than most series premieres do.  Mostly because the idea of bringing ‘Good Omens’ to the screen was thought largely impossible by many.  When you’ve got Neil Gaiman behind it and Amazon throwing their money at it, then it just becomes […]

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