Month: April 2020


“Stasis” Shows What Can Happen In A Moment

This episode is sure to have viewers thinking about lost loves and ‘what they might be up to now.’ It’s also a bit of a cautionary to leave them where they were. As May’s father reminds us, “Sometimes things are special because they don’t last.” The perfect moment goes on a little too long, and suddenly it’s no longer perfection.

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tales from the loop - transpose

“Tales From The Loop – Transpose” Review

While I have some questions about how things went down in this episode, the impact cannot be ignored. “Tales From the Loop” seems, at least in these first two episodes, to examine what human longing is all about. “The Loop” looked at longing for a parent, and “Transpose” looks at longing for a better life. The twist that ensures Danny will get the opportunity he was looking for is a bit questionable. Then again, we know almost nothing of how the switch worked in the first place, so it’s difficult to question. That is one advantage of “Tales From the Loop.” By shining it’s light more on the story than the elements, the show gets a pass on some of the more questionable ‘science.’

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nobodys queen

“Nobody’s Queen” – “Vagrant Queen” Review

I suspect my problem with what is on screen is again because we don’t have enough of what happened off. Full disclosure, I haven’t read the comic book series. I likely will pick it up and take a look when the run of the series is complete, but for now, I don’t want it to sway my opinions of the episodes. I hope the writers of the televised version, which includes comic creators Magdalene Visaggio, Jason Smith, and Gem Garrard, aren’t counting on the viewer bringing a certain knowledge level with them. We’ll see what next week brings.

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yippee ki yay

“Yippee Ki Yay! Vagrant Queen” Review

For a second episode, “Yippee Ki Yay!” manages to pull the team together pretty effectively. Future episodes would benefit from a bit more menace from the ‘bad guy,’ but hopefully, that will get a bit more fleshed out as we go. With a new mission to find Elida’s mother, there is a lot of room for growth from all the characters. Just please, no more Starship? Thanks!

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