Month: February 2021

Wanda’s Grief Reveals Itself In WandaVision

Throughout “WandaVision,” I (and I suspect a lot of others) have been looking to Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) to be something more than just another person trapped in Wanda’s world. She may still turn out to be so, but her turn in an “All-New Halloween Spooktacular,” alongside Wanda’s, might be revealing the actual big bad of […]

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WandaVision finds some unexpected Family Ties

The world of “WandaVision” is beginning to unravel in “On A Very Special Episode” where “WandaVision” meets “Family Ties.” WandaVision has used the worlds of sitcoms past to maintain the illusion that life is perfect. Moving to a version of “Family Ties” is a wise choice for the surroundings. Wanda has an increasingly difficult time […]

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