About Impending Fascination

Impending Fascination was formed in 2015 to talk about your favorite movies, shows, podcasts, books, and more that you might not know about yet. We cover it all, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Star Wars to Star Trek to Doctor Who…you name it, we’ll write a review about it. We also scour the net looking to bring you the latest news about upcoming fascinations. Impending Fascination is your one-stop shop for all the things you love.

Allan Hosmer runs Impending Fascination. A nerd since he set foot in a theater in May of 1977. He lives in San Francisco with his partner Curt, dog Lucille, and cats Lucas and Hank. No, Allan did not name Lucas, the shelter he came from did. Allan dreams of seeing a season of Doctor Who live on the BBC. Yes, he knows that there aren’t delays in getting here, but it’s still something he wants to do.

Allan would also like to share the fun of writing about your favorite things. Allan isn’t looking for professional writers necessarily, however. You just need to show a passion for what you are talking about. If you’ve seen other works out there and thought hey, I can do better, give it a shot! Allan is happy to publish your reviews, rants, raves, or whatever else you might have. And don’t worry, when there are profits to share, we’ll discuss that too (Impending Fascination is an ad-supported site. We’d love to run less of them though, so you know what to do). Interested? Contact us at [email protected] and show us what you got!