“All Old Things Must Pass Part 2” Explores A Lot Of Old Things For “Vagrant Queen”

All Old Things Must Pass Part 2

The problem with setting up a second season is that you need to get one; otherwise, your story is left untold. “All Old Things Must Pass Part 2” sets “Vagrant Queen” on a path for a future season, but that seems somewhat doubtful. The episode does an ok job of wrapping up the threads introduced this season. It also spends a bit too much time setting up the next.

All Old Things Must Pass

The biggest problem with the first season of “Vagrant Queen” is the flashbacks. Not so much that they exist, but more their placement. At times it felt as though we were finding out information about the characters too late in the game. Lazaro (Paul du Toit) and Issac (Tim Rozen) suffer from this, but none more than The Queen Mother, Xevelyn (Bonnie Henna.) The introduction of her rebellion against her husband (Nicholas Pauling) ends up feeling more like a forgotten detail. Unfortunate because it helps explain Lazaro’s motivations better than they have been all season. He and Zevelyn have been fighting the same fight all along. A revelatory moment, but the impact is lost coming so late in “All Old Things Must Pass Part 2.”

The Vagrant Queen

But in the end, we’re here for Elida (Adriyan Rae,) and “All Good Things Must Pass Part 2” gives her storyline the service it needs. She can finally defeat Lazaro, and that is the moment we’ve waited for all season. It’s a shame that she spends most of the two-parter separated from Isaac and Amae (Alex McGregor.) It’s the team interaction that makes this show. The writers should know this; they reminded us always of it throughout the season. So it felt a bit off to have them not interacting as much. Hopefully, if there is a season 2, the rhythms can be a bit more in sync.

Where The Future Might Take Us

And where do we go from here? Xevelyn is now in possession of the Sterzaad and intends to start a new Arropian Empire beginning at Earth. Amae is trapped on board her ship and separated from the others. Lazaro, well, he’s dead. And Elida and Issac are left searching for a way to get to Xevelyn and Amae, a seemingly near-impossible task. Hopefully, we’ll get a second season to find out how it all turns out or barring that, a wrap up two-hour movie. It’d be a shame never to find out what happens.