“All Old Things Must Pass, Part 1” Is A Strong Start To The Finale Of “Vagrant Queen”

all old things must pass

Well, after a lot of character building, we’ve finally arrived at the showdown. “All Old Things Must Pass” brings Elida (Adriyan Rae), Amae (Alex McGregor), and Issac (Tim Rozan) to land on Arriopa to take down Lazaro (Paul du Toit.) Lazaro gets a backstory as well – something that maybe should have happened earlier in the season. Still, it was nice to feel the action of the show again after a few missteps along the way.

Lazaro’s Way

Lazaro’s history gives us some of the reasons why he acts the way he does. The season could have benefitted from showing this side of his personae sooner. He appeared to be a megalomaniac for the sake of being one without it. I’m not sure if it would have made the character more likable or not. There still is a scent of a spoiled child rampaging through the universe. That takes a little bit away from the psychotic side du Toit brings. Perhaps with his history in mind, it will change the final battle next week.

Alida or Emae?

“Vagrant Queen” shippers finally get their wish in “All Old Things Must Pass”. While I see the reasons for waiting to have Elida and Amae kiss until the eve of what might be their last battle, it still feels a little like it is late. If there had been more than missed clues earlier in the season, maybe it wouldn’t feel that way. For sure, Amae’s flirtations so quickly after being initially cast aside by Elida didn’t help the situation either. This relationship, while welcome, could have benefitted from a little more care from the writers. And then to immediately throw Amae into a “bury your gays” situation. Had that gone through, I don’t know if I’d bother with the last episode or not.

“All Old Things Must Pass”

“All Old Things Must Pass” delivers a lot of what has been missing through the middle of the show. It gets the benefit of wrapping up the plot, so it’s bound to feel more connected. It also has an efficiency of story-telling that has been missing for weeks, though. Hopefully, that energy can continue into the final episode next week.

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