A “Brand New Day” Before The End Of Agents Of SHIELD

Agents of SHIELD Brand New Day

The end is almost here, but not before “Brand New Day.” Or is it after a brand new day? It’s not quite that timey-whimey yet, but the show is getting there. With only a two-hour finale left, you have to wonder where some of the characters will end up. After all, there’s one character with very little screen time from this season. Spoilers aplenty follow; you’ll want to be sure to watch before you read.

A Brand New Day Is Coming?

All season, the Agents of SHIELD have been at a pretty significant disadvantage. Sybil the Predictor, a Chronicom that can see all of time and it’s infinite variances, has been informing those working against SHIELD what they’ll do. Sure, they’ve had moments that Sybil didn’t notice, but for the most part, the conclusion was known before the start. Of course, our team will never get up despite the odds are moving increasingly toward them losing everything.

New Ideas?

The idea that Daisy has to act unpredictably isn’t all that sound, but it makes some time for Daisy and Mack to have a moment together. If Sybil can see possible futures, unpredictability isn’t a part of the equation. So the whole exercise of trying to rescue Jemma is an excuse for Daniel Sousa to be adorable in front of Mack and Daisy. I mean, there have been worse excuses for scenes in this show, so I’ll let it pass. The chemistry between Daniel and Daisy was pretty apparent immediately, so it’s easy to root for them.

New Attitude?

Where the team seemed gullible this week was in the handling of Kora. One would think knowing the alternate history with Jiaying; the team might have suspected that her sudden desire to join SHIELD was suspect. Or, at the very least, maybe the amount of time she spent with Nathaniel Malick might make her prone to betraying them? Instead, Coulson puts May in charge of getting through to her. May tries the same tactics with Kora that she did to help Yo-Yo get her powers back, which shows May isn’t growing much. Understanding that fighting is at the core of May’s being, it would be nice to see some progression from all those emotions flowing through her. The mishandling of Kora leads to an unintended, dreadful consequence. We only get a mention of Grant Ward and not an appearance, and Sybil ends up inside the Lighthouse’s mainframe.

New Reunion?

And finally, we get Fitz back, in a way. Those who may have wished for a happy reunion are going to be disappointed. “Brand New Day” treats us to flashbacks about how he and Simmons arrived at separating again and making it so that Simmons couldn’t remember where Fitz was. Nathaniel tries to get past that block but is frustrated in his attempts. He even tries to look more directly, which only results in a safety net activation of Simmons completely forgetting Fitz. With that in mind, and the fact we haven’t seen him the rest of the season, could it be we’re heading for an unhappy ending here?

New Heartache?

The relationship of FitzSimmons over the years has been the emotional factor that drove story arcs forward. Separated in almost every way imaginable, they’ve still been able to find happiness in the spaces in between. So it’s easy to understand why the payoff most fans would like to see is the two of them happily reunited and living a quieter life. What if the only way to save the familiar timeline was to separate the two of them permanently? With this show, the odds are at 50-50 for either ending. We’ll find out next week when a “Brand New Day” dawns.