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et in arcadia ego

“Et In Arcadia Ego, Part Two” “Star Trek: Picard” Episode 10 Review

Overall it’s been a satisfying season with “Picard.” It’s good to see Patrick Stewart embody the role again and give the character a new life at the same time. The pacing of the season was a bit off, too slow at times while rushed at others. I think that is the price for a season meant to pay off the past. Now that we’ve acknowledged the future of “The Next Generation,” it will be a bit easier to move on.

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et in arcadia ego

“Et In Arcadia Ego Part 1” “Star Trek: Picard” Episode Nine Review

I generally expect to anticipate what the final episode will bring more than I am with this series, though. I appreciate that “Star Trek: Picard” is not trying to be the spectacle that “Star Trek: Discovery” is. The series hasn’t imparted a sense of fear and dread of the coming Romulan attack on the android homeworld. Hopefully, part two of “Et In Arcadia Ego” can make it all worthwhile

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broken pieces

“Broken Pieces” “Star Trek: Picard” Episode 8 Review

“Broken Pieces” is an interesting title for an episode that spends a lot of time sewing this season of “Star Trek: Picard” together. Rios (Santiago Cabrera), in particular, gets to shine in this episode as we learn of his tragic background. Some of the coincidental connections of the characters strain believability a bit. Sometimes to get the story you want, you have to overlook these things

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“Nepenthe” – “Star Trek: Picard” Episode Seven Review

Since the release of “Star Trek: Picard,” fans have been divided on the show’s outlook. Some, longing for the world of “The Next Generation,” have decried the darker themes. Those fans will no doubt dub “Nepenthe” as the best of the run. The episode steps right up and smacks you in the nostalgia, not just with returning characters but also in feeling.

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The Impossible Box

“The Impossible Box” Star Trek: Picard Episode 6 Review

And then, that was it for the plot this week. Hugh manages to get Picard and Soji safely off the Borg Cube. While it was nice to feel some tension as XB’s (ex Borg) and Romulans closing in on Picard and company, the excitement levels never really get all that high. Next week seems as though it will return to a slower-paced plotline as we arrive at Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Deanna Troi’s (Marina Sirtis) home. With only four episodes to go, I’m left wondering where the show is trying to go. Hopefully, Riker will be able to set a more specific course for the remaining episodes.

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stardust city rag

‘Stardust City Rag’ – ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Review

Everyone has something to hide in ‘Star Trek: Picard’ it would seem. ‘Stardust City Rag’ finally starts twisting the plot and gets us off the exposition of the previous episodes. And boy, what turns. Now, if we can get everyone on the Artifact, aka the Romulan Borg Cube, and get this mystery solved. But then, that is wishing for the end of the season, and I don’t want that either.

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absolute candor

“Absolute Candor” Review Of The Latest “Star Trek: Picard”

We have the understanding we need to realize where Picard is now and how the rest of the universe might feel about him. We also have, for better or worse, his team together. Some might find the challenging of the almost god-like status of Jean-Luc Picard troubling, but the progression of the character makes sense. He took a stand, and it didn’t go as planned.

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the end is the beginning

‘The End Is The Beginning’ Review

The most tantalizing question and the one that we’ve moved nowhere on is why. But, in the feel-good moment of the episode, we finally have Picard on a starship, asking his crew to ‘engage.’ Hopefully, next week the plot will too.

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maps and legends

‘Maps And Legends’ Review

‘Maps and Legends’ is still setting the stage for what is to come in ‘Picard.’ We learn a fair amount, and yet not much happens. The episode acts as a guide to where the players stand. It could be a bit depressing, depending on your political views. Finding that Starfleet lacks the same moral compass our governments do is dishearting. If there is anyone can show us the right direction, though, it’s Jean-Luc Picard. We need to get him on his way soon, though

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Star Trek Picard Remembrance

Star Trek: Picard – Remembrance Review

‘Picard’ picks up eighteen years since we last saw the good captain in ‘Nemesis.’ The history we’ve seen in the intervening years still holds in this new show, or at least for now. The Romulan supernova that happened in 2009’s ‘Star Trek’ is still in place, and it has affected Picard’s career. Data still gave his life to save Picard’s during ‘Nemesis.’ At least for now, the producers seem to be avoiding the problems that plagued ‘Discovery’ during its first season. The canon we know seems to be mostly untouched.

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