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The Mandalorian Redemption

The Mandalorian – Redemption

The first season of ‘The Mandalorian’ comes to a close in ‘Redemption.’ This season pulled off a feat that not much has in the ‘Star Wars‘ universe since the days of ‘A New Hope.’ It got people, even people outside of ‘Star Wars’ fandom, talking about ‘Star Wars’ again. Of course, a lot of that […]

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The rise of skywalker

‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Review

‘The Rise of Skywalker’ sets out to do a lot of things. It proposes to be the last story in the Skywalker saga. It also needs to finish the story started with this new trilogy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do either well and ends up being a confusing mess. Too many new elements introduced end up […]

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Star Wars Recall

The Non-Trilogy Films – Star Wars Recall

Since Disney has come to own ‘Star Wars,’ we have more screen presence in the last four years than the forty. The Sequel trilogy, or at least the first two films, I’ll cover in another article. Today the focus of my ‘Star Wars’ Recall series is on the two extended universe movies; ‘Rogue One’ and […]

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Star Wars Recall

The New Star Wars Trilogy – Star Wars Recall

In the last chapter of my ‘Star Wars’ recall series, I’m taking a look at the newest trilogy. Looking at the internet, it seems no one has a neutral opinion about these films. ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘The Last Jedi’ aren’t my favorite ‘Star Wars’ movies, but they aren’t my least favorite either. I think to bring ‘Star Wars’ back to theaters; the films are necessary entries.

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Star Wars The Mandalorian The Reckoning

Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Reckoning Review

‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Reckoning‘ takes the disparate elements of the show and starts to weave them together. My chief complaint this season, albeit a minor one, was that there wasn’t continuity between the episodes. I knew that eventually, things introduced one week would show back up later in the season. In a […]

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Star Wars Trilogy

The Original Star Wars Trilogy – Star Wars Recall

How do you review the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy and bring something new to the table? I thought instead of trying to add what my opinion of the films is; I would take a look at what could have been. The moments we all know vaguely of, but that were deleted from scripts before filming began. Here’s the next entry in my ‘Star Wars Recall’ series. Get ready for alternate ‘Star Wars.

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Star Wars The Prequel Trilogy

Star Wars The Prequel Trilogy – Star Wars Recall

I started thinking that I would write reviews for each of the ‘Star Wars’ movies. The prequel and original trilogies lend themselves though to being reviewed as a whole. There isn’t anything to say about the individual films that would be new. For the ‘Star Wars‘ prequel trilogy, watching the different movies made me wonder […]

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Natalia Tena as Xi'an

‘The Mandalorian – The Prisoner’ Review

In the ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Lost’ era, where every episode had a bombshell, the self-contained nature of ‘The Mandalorian’ is frustrating. With only two episodes left in the season, it feels like we should know more about the main plot.

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The Mandalorian - The Gunslinger

The Mandalorian – The Gunslinger Review

If it is who we think it’s pretty significant for the direction of the show and the ‘Star Wars’ universe. How this character and Mando interact and how it affects the mission is breadcrumb I need to go forward. It just feels like it shouldn’t have taken this long to get here

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