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“Tales From The Loop” Brings It All “Home”

A season of “Tales From The Loop” comes to an end. In its way, “Home” wraps up everything we saw this season. Of course, “Tales From The Loop” isn’t big on explaining every detail, so much is left open. You’re left wanting more, and not sure you’re going to get it. With this show, though, […]

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“Enemies” In Tales From The Loop Is Something Else Entirely

There isn’t much else to take away from this episode. There might be some connection between George’s robot brother and his recently robotized son. Then again, there might not be. We’re watching ‘Tales From the Loop’ after all, and not everything is connected. Next up is the finale for this season. We’ll see if anything ties together or not.

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echo sphere

What Does “Echo Sphere” Mean For “Tales From The Loop?”

“Echo Sphere” is one of the more confusing “Tales From the Loop” entries. Not that the plot isn’t easy to follow, but more because of its ramifications for future episodes. The previous chapters have all had some hook that leads into the next. Additionally, there has been some experiment from The Loop that drove the […]

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“Stasis” Shows What Can Happen In A Moment

This episode is sure to have viewers thinking about lost loves and ‘what they might be up to now.’ It’s also a bit of a cautionary to leave them where they were. As May’s father reminds us, “Sometimes things are special because they don’t last.” The perfect moment goes on a little too long, and suddenly it’s no longer perfection.

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tales from the loop - transpose

“Tales From The Loop – Transpose” Review

While I have some questions about how things went down in this episode, the impact cannot be ignored. “Tales From the Loop” seems, at least in these first two episodes, to examine what human longing is all about. “The Loop” looked at longing for a parent, and “Transpose” looks at longing for a better life. The twist that ensures Danny will get the opportunity he was looking for is a bit questionable. Then again, we know almost nothing of how the switch worked in the first place, so it’s difficult to question. That is one advantage of “Tales From the Loop.” By shining it’s light more on the story than the elements, the show gets a pass on some of the more questionable ‘science.’

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