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“True” Doesn’t Bring Alignment To “The Nevers

“True” is a solid shakeup of everything we thought we might know about “The Nevers.” You might even believe HBO Max loaded the wrong show when you first get started. We do get some answers but left with a frustrating amount of questions and uncertainty about the show’s future. The choices made in this final […]

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“Hanged” Leaves You … Hanging

“Hanged” showcases just how little “The Nevers” writers seem to care about their audience. Sure, some of the problems with the show might come from the fact that COVID shut down production with only five episodes filmed (The cast and crew completed the sixth episode during the pandemic.) Perhaps more problems arose with the departure […]

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“Exposure” Doesn’t Unearth Much About “The Nevers?

For an episode called “Exposure,” there aren’t any true revelations this week on ‘The Nevers.’ Instead, the episode spends its time setting the scene of Victorian England. That’s all well and good but not overly necessary in modern television. It’s pretty safe to assume your audience has seen a period piece at this point. The […]

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The stars of the HBO Max series "The Nevers"

‘The Nevers’ Premiere On HBO Max

I’ll admit, I have reservations about watching HBO Max‘s “The Nevers.” Joss Whedon stands accused of “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” behavior on the “Justice League” set by Ray Fisher. Since then, other actors from Whedon-led properties have come out and similarly accused Whedon of such behavior. It’s essential to be aware of that […]

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