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no clue

“Vagrant Queen” Seems To Have “No Clue” How To End

A two-part finale starts next week, and as a viewer, I’m not feeling a lot of anticipation. The writers want me to care about the liberation of the planet but have failed to get me there. At this point, I’m a bit concerned that part one won’t relate to part two.

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sunshine express yourself

“Sunshine Express Yourself” Already

It seemed like we were in for a treat, combined with some nostalgic ribbing of bad 80’s sci-fi. Instead, the show falls into the same traps as the movies it tries to pay tribute to and leaves viewers wanting more. Hopefully, with only three episodes left, it will find a way to deliver. It’s not looking too promising at the moment, though.

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requiem for republic

“Requiem For Republic” Could Also Be For “Vagrant Queen”

“Requiem for Republic” shows us Lazaro’s (Paul du Toit) gruesome rise to power. We also get to follow up with our team and the fallout from last week’s revelations. I would have rathered that the writers would have spent a bit more time with our heroes because the result is an episode that is difficult […]

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temple of doom

The “Temple Of Doom” For Relationships On “Vagrant Queen”

Therein lies the problem of “Temple of Doom.” There is no clear motivation for the characters to go forward. If Elida doesn’t care about the empire she left behind, she doesn’t have the drive to get the powerful thing back from Lazaro. And since Lazaro has it, he no longer needs to continue hunting Elida (except out of spite, but that isn’t going to make for exciting viewing.) Issac supposedly has his way home. I’m sure we’ll see some betrayal of that, but will it matter to the show? Next week has a lot to do to ease my doubts as a viewer.

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nobodys queen

“Nobody’s Queen” – “Vagrant Queen” Review

I suspect my problem with what is on screen is again because we don’t have enough of what happened off. Full disclosure, I haven’t read the comic book series. I likely will pick it up and take a look when the run of the series is complete, but for now, I don’t want it to sway my opinions of the episodes. I hope the writers of the televised version, which includes comic creators Magdalene Visaggio, Jason Smith, and Gem Garrard, aren’t counting on the viewer bringing a certain knowledge level with them. We’ll see what next week brings.

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yippee ki yay

“Yippee Ki Yay! Vagrant Queen” Review

For a second episode, “Yippee Ki Yay!” manages to pull the team together pretty effectively. Future episodes would benefit from a bit more menace from the ‘bad guy,’ but hopefully, that will get a bit more fleshed out as we go. With a new mission to find Elida’s mother, there is a lot of room for growth from all the characters. Just please, no more Starship? Thanks!

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