“Cupid’s Errant Arrow” Hits “Lower Decks” In The Canon

cupid's errant arrow

Uh-oh, “Cupid’s Errant Arrow” is going to cause some problems for the canon guards. Uniforms appearing in the wrong place will drive the purest of “Star Trek” fans mad. Maybe the liberal dropping of easter eggs will help. I guess we’ll see on the internet this week. Brace yourselves.

Uniform Decision

The uniforms in question come during a flashback Mariner is having. In it, she chats with a friend on the USS Quito, her assignment before the Cerritos. In it, the crew of the Quitos wears the grey-shouldered/black uniforms introduced in “Star Trek: First Contact.” She and her friend mention the events of the “TNG” episode “Descent” as though they had just happened. Which means they should have been wearing the more familiar “TNG” uniform. Seeing as how this is a plot problem that doesn’t bother me, I’ll let the internet sort it out.

Cupid’s Errant Arrow

The reason all of this comes up; we’re as surprised as Mariner to find that Boimler has a girlfriend named Barb. Her appearance’s suddenness leads Mariner to accept only one possibility – his girlfriend must be an entity with malintent. She spends the episode trying to prove it to Boimler only to find that he is the carrier of the problem.

More Than Friends?

It brings their relationship into an exciting light, though. She’s always been a bit hard on him, but could it be because she likes him? And it’s understandable why she would mistrust Barb. A Harvonian shape-changer ate her best friend in the past on the Quitos (and in a questionable uniform. Maybe that shape-changer was up to something more sinister?). Mariner and Barb later fight while Boimler is passed out and discover that Boimler is carrying the parasite. A parasite that sent out pheromones that made Boimler irresistible to the opposite sex. Hence the mystery girlfriend, and might also explain Mariner’s sudden devotion to him, or not? Cupid’s errant arrow could strike them at any time.

Technically Advanced

Meanwhile, Tendi and Rutherford race each other to complete the most diagnostics aboard the USS Vancouver. The prize? Well, on the surface, it’s a new T-88 scanner. Lt. Commander Ron Docent of the Vancouver has something else in mind though – transferring Tendi and Rutherford to his ship and himself to the Cerritos. The transfer is tempting. After all, the Vancouver is one of Starfleet’s most technically advanced ships, but Tendi and Rutherford have made a home on the Cerritos. And, it’s another couple that cupid’s errant arrow could find it’s way too.

Implode The Moon

Perhaps the main event of the week, though, was getting to see Captain Freeman captaining! I’m still not sure why the Cerritos needed to assist the Vancouver. It’s not the first time the show has had the ship lend a hand to another vessel that, at least on the surface, vastly outpaced the abilities of the Cerritos. Yet in each circumstance, the Cerritos and her crew have risen to the occasion. Freeman handles the complex negotiations of saving the Mixtus system. Ok, maybe a little more research would have gotten her to figure out the remaining problem of just two people sooner, but none the less. And, “Implode the moon” may well go down as a catch-phrase for her character.

This Isn’t Your Dad’s “Rick And Morty”

As with any good show, it’s the cast’s interaction more than anything else that keeps you coming back. “Star Trek: Lower Decks” has that nailed in such a short period. I’ll admit, I was nervous at first because I never cared for the style of “Rick and Morty,” but that was unfounded. If anything, it’s made me wonder if I should give “Rick and Morty” another try.

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