“Decommissioned” Gives “The Bad Batch” Some Direction

The Bad Batch” has been a little lost this far into its run. The characters haven’t had shining moments, and we haven’t learned much about any of them as a result. “Decommissioned” doesn’t wholly rectify this, but it does start to turn the plot back in the right direction. We also meet a familiar team working toward the same goal the clones have in the episode. Since they walk away alive, we’ll likely see them again.

Cid sends the team on a mission to recover a decommissioned tactical droid from being melted down. It’s a vital recovery mission because the droid analyzed every encounter with the Clone Troopers during the Clone Wars. The information contained in the droid would give an advantage to anyone facing the newly formed Empire’s troops. Hunter and company seem to be questioning their missions from Cid, but without any alternative, they accept.

That leaves us with a bit of shaky ground for the guys. They don’t have any unique sense of purpose other than running from the Empire. They seem to be on a path to joining the Rebellion, but only because that’s what you do in the “Star Wars” galaxy, not because of any shown character trait. Yes, that’s weird to say when some of their very first acts were of Rebellion, but we haven’t seen those traits since. They’re on the run and don’t know what to do but end up looking aimless as a result. If anything, Hunter, Wrecker, Echo, and Tech could be nameless Clones for all the development they’ve received.

While in mission, Clone Force 99 runs into the Martez sisters, last seen in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” The assumption is they are trying to retrieve the decommissioned tactical droid for the forming Rebellion, but that raises the question of who contracted Cid. There is some literal back and forth, and to escape an unfortunate situation created by Omega (that darn kid! But so full of pluck!), both sides are forced to abandon the tactical droid. Tech does manage to download its information, however. Hunter gets some development as he struggles with what to do with that information. That is the first time we’ve seen how clones adapt to a world fighting against their former comrades. He ends up giving the information to the Martez sisters, his second act of Rebellion in the series.

“Decommissioned” seems to push our heroes, finally, in the right direction. While they have seen what the growing influence of the Empire is doing in the galaxy, this is the first time they’ve had a choice in reacting to it. Understanding that it isn’t easy to decide what to do when you a strapped with an unexpected kid, Clone Force 99 seems a bit more lost than that. Hopefully, now we’ll get to see them working toward a goal.