“Discovery” Will Be “Star Trek” Or “Die Trying”

Season three of “Star Trek: Discovery” seems quite determined to reintroduce the ideals of Star Fleet and the Federation to alienated fans or, as they titled the episode, die trying. Placing the action ten years before Kirk would take the Enterprise on its first five-year mission was problematic for some. “Discovery” somewhat brazenly contradicted the canon established in over 50 years of fodder and was unapologetic about it. Now with the show in the distant future, those constraints are removed. Producers don’t necessarily need to rely on “We’ll explain it later.”

The Perfect Crew

“Die Trying” is a run of the mill assignment of the week for a “Star Trek” series. Discovery’s crew locates Star Fleet headquarters and finds themselves uniquely situated to help with a mysterious illness. The biggest hurdle is Star Fleet. Due to the Burn’s sting and the decision to outlaw time-travel, Star Fleet isn’t willing to automatically trust Saru and Burnham when they say Discovery wants to join. The solution is to see if a retrofit will bring Discovery up to the future and reassign her crew. The effects of which would be devastating – this crew only has each other.

Seeds Of Home

Admiral Vance eventually comes to allow Discovery, minus Saru, to use its spore drive and travel to a seed ship. A Star Fleet vessel carrying seed samples from every member planet past and present. A Barzan family is watching over the seed store, so commander Nhan is an ideal away team member, having not seen her homeworld in awhile. Things aren’t as expected on arrival, though. It appears someone opened the seed stores, and the Barzan family is missing. At some point the ship collided with a coronal mass ejection, which killed all but the scientist. He was mid-transport into the seed stores at the time of impact, causing him to be out of phase. Burnham and Nhan convince him that he cannot save his family, and he’ll die if doesn’t get treatment himself.

Was She Ever There?

Someone has to stay behind to maintain the ship, though, and who better than Nhan. The atmosphere her own, and she is most expendable. I wonder if there was more of a plan for this character that the producers scrapped. Even within this episode, there are references to Barzan culture brought up and never explored. It feels like there was something more in the plot, but the producers didn’t follow up. You’d like to know more, but the episode distracts away from that desire.

Die Trying

The scene-setting department gets a twist with the time we spend with Georgiou and a mysterious man wearing unnecessary glasses who ‘debriefs’ her (played by David Cronenberg!) The beginnings of the Section 31 series or something else? Either way, Georgiou seems pretty shaken by what she encounters. I hope this isn’t something hinted at that disappears for episodes at a time. I’ve had a soft spot for Section 31 since their introduction in “Deep Space Nine.” I can’t wait for the series and want to know more now!

We’re A Long Way From Home

Who didn’t have an ‘aww’ moment when the Voyager-J showed up on the screen? And can we please have some more time with Stamets, Tilly, and Reno interacting? I want the show to have Stamets own up more to his personality (special officer indeed.) I wouldn’t want it at the price of their banter though.