Good Omens – Hard Times Review


If episode three of ‘Good Omens’ proves anything, it’s that the relationship between Crowley and Aziraphale and more importantly David Tennant and Michael Sheen is what makes this adaptation worth watching.  The other elements, while entertaining, cannot hold the whole thing together the way these two do.  Yes, that is the nature of these characters from the book, but there is something special going on when they are on screen together.  Viewers didn’t really need a look back at their extended friendship, but somehow that becomes one of the highlights of the series thus far.

Maybe that is one of the problems with this series if it can be called a problem.  Sheen and Tennant are such a joy to watch that you begin to forget there is this whole other Armageddon plot to be concerned about.    The Armageddon plot moves along, but it doesn’t feel like it is in any real hurry to reach its climax, which feels exactly the opposite of what you’d imagine Armageddon to be like.  Adam, Anathema, Pulisifer and the rest contribute to the plot, but not in any significant way (at least thus far).    

Now that there is dissension between angel and demon, perhaps the plot will start to come together a bit more.  Not that I mind watching Tennant and Sheen navigate their complicated relationship.  What I wouldn’t give for LGBQTI programming to have such a beautiful partnership.  I’d just like to be watching for the whole thing and not just these two actors.