“Hanged” Leaves You … Hanging

“Hanged” showcases just how little “The Nevers” writers seem to care about their audience. Sure, some of the problems with the show might come from the fact that COVID shut down production with only five episodes filmed (The cast and crew completed the sixth episode during the pandemic.) Perhaps more problems arose with the departure of Joss Whedon because he would be unable to maintain the level of commitment to the show during a global pandemic (or perhaps due to his troubles at Warner Bros with Ray Fisher.) Whatever the case may be, it seems like screenwriting 101 to leave a breadcrumb trail for your audience, and “The Nevers” isn’t doing that.

You Say Galanthi, I Say Who?

Take, for example, the argument over which course of action ‘The Touched’ should take. Amalia argues that they should go and find ‘The Galanthi.’ That’s all well and good, but we as an audience have no idea that is. One assumes it’s the giant shiny blue orb that Dr. Hauge and Lavina Bidlow have appeared with, but even that doesn’t tell us what drives Amalia to find it. It’s all related to the ship we saw flyover in the first episode, but all we know of that is that it somehow caused ‘The Touched’ condition. If the orb is related to that ship and is ‘The Galanthi,’ it makes sense that everyone would want to find it, but we don’t know that.

Tough Choices

Penance’s mission makes more sense. She wants to rescue Maladie. Sure, Maladie only tried to kill her and has made life that much more difficult for ‘The Touched.’ As Penance argues, though, if they let Maladie hang, not only are they saying to the outside world that it’s ok to kill them because of their condition, but they are also taking away hope from those in their charge. It’s an argument with weight, and it’s felt more keenly with the loss of Mary so recent.

Pick Me, Pick Me

Neither can agree which is more important, so they ask the rest of ‘The Touched’ to pick sides. Apparently, no one has ever attended a team-building exercise because this is not likely to bring ‘The Touched’ together. The majority go with Penance, which is unsurprising considering this mission would be closer to their hearts. The surprising thing is that Augie goes with Amalia. After all of the promises that he wants to earn Penance’s trust, this is an interesting way to try and do it. Maybe Augie feels Penance would like him to watch out for Amalia? Perhaps he feels Penance would take it as overbearing if he went with her? We don’t know because the writers haven’t chosen to clue us in.

Count Your Fingers And Toes

Of course, nothing goes right with Maladie’s execution. ‘The Touched’ can get into a position to save her, but it would seem that Maladie has other plans. In a surprise moment that, once revealed, feels like we should have seen it sooner, Maladie escapes her execution. It seems we haven’t been watching Maladie for some time, but rather a doppelganger. Frank Mundi figures this out when he notices that Maladie’s foot has all but the big toe cut off (side note – Why does Frank know this makes the woman hanged not Maladie. It’s a rare hint given to the audience earlier in the season, but as far as I remember, Frank never heard it.)

Way To Leave The Audience “Hanged”

In true “The Nevers” fashion, we never learn any more about Amalia’s mission. If we had known about it in the same episode, it would have been too much information packed in, but it would have been nice to know something. The next episode supposedly wraps things up for the first half of the season, but I doubt it will be able to accomplish the task. It would be quite the herculean feat, but maybe one of ‘The Touched’ can save the day.