“In A Sticky Spot” Is Where “Vagrant Queen” Finds Itself

in a sticky spot

I believe that “Vagrant Queen” is supposed to have ten episodes. It’s not 100% certain that we’ll get to see them all. SyFy recently pulled “In a Sticky Spot” from its scheduled date and aired it the following Thursday. All of this unannounced, which may have thrown off some viewers. As of now, it looks like the remaining five episodes will go on as planned, but we’ll see. “In a Sticky Spot” is an apt title for the future of the show and our protagonists’ progress.

Relationships Take Time, But Not On TV

In any series, it takes time to build the camaraderie between the lead characters. Writers must be careful to strike a balance between spending too much or too little time getting the audience to invest in those relationships. The writers for this show can’t seem to decide where the focus should be. We see hints of a relationship between Elida (Adriyan Rae) and Amae (Alex McGregor), but only in a very, “Xena Warrior Princess” kind of way. In the 25 years since that show premiered, television has gotten more comfortable in portraying gay and lesbian relationships, so I’m not sure what the hold up is here. Other than for some reason, we just haven’t spent a lot of time with these two characters together.

In A Sticky Spot

“In a Sticky Spot” also gives us some confusion in the growth of Elida. We should see that underneath the hard exterior, there is a person who cares deeply about her friends. When Issac (Tim Rozon) gets detained, Elida will stop at nothing to free him, putting the entire mission at risk (reminder: the purpose is to save Elida’s mother. Forgiveness to those who couldn’t remember at this point.) The moment could be defining for her character. Instead, she later almost ignores the sacrifice of Ihred (Jennifer Steyn.) Even understanding that there might be some hard feelings for the way Ihred and Dengar (Leon Clingman) tried to bring Elida back to her people, Elida’s casual acceptance of Ihred’s death is unnerving. It takes away from the audience’s recognition that she can care about her fellow travelers.

Let The Pieces Land

With this episode, it is time for “Vagrant Queen” to end the team-building exercises and focus on the mission at hand. There will be an opportunity to investigate further what makes Elida, Amea, and Issac work together once we see them working toward reuniting with Elida’s mother. Let that be the focus, and everything else should fall into place.

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