Cid Gains A New Enemy In “Infested”

“Infested” does what a lot of Dave Filoni‘s “Star Wars” does. It introduces characters and ideas that we’ll likely see again. It also doesn’t advance the plot in any meaningful way. None of the characters offer any real reason for the things they do, so we end up with an episode that feels like it belongs at the beginning of the season rather than near the end. “The Bad Batch” has suffered this a lot this season.

Especially coming off a series of episodes that did a lot to expand the “Star Wars” universe, “Infested” leaves us pretty empty. Roland Durand is a half-rate villain and doesn’t offer a real challenge to the team. Cid likely would have been able to sort this out herself using help available to her from the denizens of her bar. Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Echo end up more grunt labor than former soldiers trying to figure out a new galaxy with new rules.

Hunter’s lack of willingness to even take the mission goes unexplained. Paired with his caving at the merest suggestion from a child leaves his character in a rough spot. He’s the team’s leader, but other than protecting Omega, he seems as clueless as the rest. The team’s members are virtually interchangeable. This lack of development leaves our ‘team’ feeling more like a collection of random characters than anything else.

Eventually, after some decently tense moments in “Infested”, Cid rids herself of Roland and avoids confrontation with the Pyke Gang. The reasonably safe bet here is that Roland will show up again. Likely with his mother Isa demanding retribution for the injuries Roland suffered due to Cid’s actions. We’re left thinking of them when we should be fully focused on Clone Force 99, though. We want to know more, but Filoni doesn’t want to give it to us.