“Journey Into Mystery” Is A Whole Lotta Loki

“Journey Into Mystery” has its sites set on tying up loose ends before the season finale of “Loki.” It wants to get all of its players in place and jettison any unnecessary baggage. The problem is, as a viewer, that move is coming just a bit too fast. We’ve just met a whole series of characters one episode prior, and only in the closing minutes. It would have been nice to get to spend a little more with them.

Classic Loki especially deserves more time in the limelight. Richard E. Grant brings everything you could ever want and more to the character. We don’t get enough time with him, though. This Loki seems to understand the grand facade of it all. He also seems resigned to it unless given a purpose. He is the exhaustion of himself and his actions that our Loki is beginning to feel. I hope that we get to see more of him.

The other Loki’s don’t pack as much punch as Classic Loki, but they also aren’t played by Richard E Grant, so I guess that’s understandable. Child Loki gets the scene-stealing moment, revealing he was pruned because he killed Thor. Braggart Loki and Political Loki seem to exist more as filler than anything. I am mildly disappointed that Political Loki didn’t get more to do. For unclear reasons, his presence in the trailers for the show was a part of the reason I wanted to watch.

There isn’t a lot else that happens in “Journey Into Mystery.” Loki and Sylvie go into “The Empire Strikes Back” Luke and Leia territory and make us all a little uncomfortable, but fortunately, we don’t dwell on it. The Alioth is defeated but turns out it’s more of a firewall than anything. Of course, that is the calm before the real storm. Next week’s final episode is sure to bring a lot of stunners.