“Lamentis” Gives Loki Fans A Lot To Think About

“Lamentis” mostly takes a break from the time action to reveal more about “Loki.” It’s the first short episode of the series, coming in at half the runtime of the previous two. Still, it unpacks a lot of information about what we’ve seen so far. And don’t worry, there is plenty of suspense to keep the pace moving. The cliffhanger, though, well, we’ll get to that.

If you were expecting more information about Sylvie after last week, “Lamentis” will disappoint you. While we do get some detail on her, it’s not the information dump you want. There could still be something about what we get about her. She seems to have little memory of her past. If she is a Loki, does she have a history similar to the Loki we know? And why can’t she remember her family? Does it have to do with her hatred of the TVA?

Speaking of the TVA, what we know of them gets a tweak from Sylvie. She reveals that TVA agents are variants as well. Meaning Mobius and Ravonna also come from divergent timelines that the TVA or the Timekeepers stepped in to fix. It also means the Timekeepers hide something from the TVA agents as they are also unaware of their past. Could that mean Sylvie is also a TVA agent? Does that mean her vague memory of her family is caused by the Timekeepers?

The episode’s opening shows us what transpired to get TVA agent C-20 to reveal how to reach the timekeepers. It’s through Sylvie’s power of enchantment, which she later explains to Loki. Most beings she encounters are enchanted relatively quickly, but stronger minds require memory manipulation. Hence why we see C-20 and Sylvie as old friends – they never were, and C-20 eventually figures that out even in Sylvie’s created past. Not before Sylvie gets what she needs, but it shows what a strong mind can do.

Sylvie later tries to enchant Loki, and it appears that it fails, but not immediately. They are already on Lamentis-1 when it happens, so it’s possible that her enchantment really didn’t work. But, it’s also possible that it did, which raises many interesting questions about the episode. We won’t know until next week, though, when we see how they get out of a seemingly impossible situation. If the TVA comes to the ‘rescue,’ the enchantment likely failed. If they don’t, we have a whole new story developing.