“Lower Decks” Issues A “Temporal Edict” To Relax

lower decks temporal edict

In its almost 55 year history, “Star Trek” has given us many character types, but “Lower Decks: Temporal Edict” gives us one we’ve not encountered before – the slacker. I mean, it’s still “Star Trek,” so no one is completely ignoring their duty. The episode examines the use of “Buffer Time” and sees what happens when there is too much oversight as well.

But You Don’t Have Eight Weeks

Ever since Scotty multiplied his repair estimates by a factor of 4 to maintain his status as a miracle worker, some aspersions of the Engineering staff have been logical. “Lower Decks : Temporal Edict” reveals that the problem is more widespread. The episode takes some time to show that letting people work how they work best, though, will give the best results. Trying to enforce a work ethic frequently leads to disaster, as is shown here.

The Boimler Effect

Boimler gets to shine in his way. He typically shines in a world of rules and gets recognized for not following them and saving the day. It’s a reminder to loosen up, even if he can’t see it right away. To his dismay, a new rule named “The Boimler Effect,” which remains long after Boimler and the Cerritos crew pass, goes into effect. Crew members are now encouraged to take shortcuts and buffer time estimates.

Lower Decks

Mariner spends her away mission, highlighting how she is a better officer than Ransom, the first officer. Her hot-headedness will keep her from getting promotions, and maybe that’s ok as it doesn’t seem like she wants them. It’s a problem if she looks more competent than her senior officers. Hopefully, they’ll balance this out a bit in the future. I like Mariner as a character, but can see where a comeuppance would help her. That is somewhat delivered in “Lower Decks: Temporal Edict,” but we need to see more.

More Star Trek

So far, though, for something I was not too sure about, “Star Trek: Lower Decks” has delivered. I’ve never really developed a taste for “Rick and Morty” and worried this would be more of the same. It pleasantly so far hasn’t been. Maybe it’s the connection to the “Star Trek” franchise that keeps me interested, but I’m down for more.

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