“Vagrant Queen” Seems To Have “No Clue” How To End

no clue

“No Clue” serves as an homage of sorts to the 1985 movie “Clue.” I say of sorts because it feels more like a rip-off than a tribute. The episode cherry-picks its lines and pratfalls from the film without understanding what made the original work so well. Meanwhile, the plot we’re all waiting for may belong to a completely different program at this point. This near to the end of the season, the story should be winding up, but “Vagrant Queen” seems content to go nowhere.

“He Was An Illusionist”

I suppose the episode would be pretty humorous if you hadn’t seen the original film. It’s not like the cast does a terrible job with the material. If you haven’t seen “Clue,” go watch it now, you’re in for a treat. It is one of my all-time favorite movies, though. Perhaps that fact contributes to my stance on this take. There are ways the writers could have pulled the idea off while still keeping the plot on track. Have someone invite the team somewhere with the promise of help in the plan to defeat Lazaro(Paul du Toit)? A dark and stormy planet, perhaps? Just that minor of a change gives the appearance of getting to the show’s final destination. Lacking it leaves the viewer frustrated.

“I Chose To Expose Myself”

And there is a lot of frustration to go around in “No Clue.” After the separation of “Sunshine Express Yourself,” it seems reasonable to expect that Elida (Adriyan Rae) and Amae (Alex McGregor) would explore their developing feelings more. You see, the show has had enough time to let the characters play the bumbling paramours. They definitely should be at a point where they can speak of their feelings. Isaac (Tim Rozan) is doing everything he can to get these two to recognize their feelings (Or walk as quickly away from them as possible, as demonstrated last week.) There is nothing particularly wrong with Elida and Amae’s interactions, it just feels like this should have happened weeks ago.

“I’m Not Shouting”

I’d say that “No Clue” manages to derail the season altogether, but that isn’t quite what happens. It’s not as though we had a building crescendo leading us back to Arriopa. We’ve had a few accents to the plot, but at least I’m left wanting a lot more. A two-part finale starts next week, and as a viewer, I’m not feeling a lot of anticipation. The writers want me to care about the liberation of the planet but have failed to get me there. At this point, I’m a bit concerned that part one won’t relate to part two.

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  1. The Arriopa/Lazaro arc is a plot framework from the source material, within which exists this wonderful character driven adaptation. Character highlights include 1×02 Yipee Ki Yay, 1×04 In a Sticky Spot, and 1×08 No Clue.

  2. Yes, it is a plot frame work. It seems though that the writers mostly choose to ignore the framework they’ve set up. These kind of ‘throw-away’ episodes are to be expected in seasons that last over 20 episodes. That is a lot of time to fill. ‘Vagrant Queen’ has 10 episodes, so the need for ‘filler’ isn’t necessary. ‘No Clue’ is a nice character piece, though it doesn’t really do anything in particular for the characters. Amae and Elida inch closer to a possible relationship, but not in any meaningful or satisfying way. And ‘Clue’ is a masterwork in language-play, pratfalls, and even subtle humor. This episode just…isn’t. I know my reviews don’t really sound like it but I am actually rooting for this show. I just wish it was giving a bit more to it’s audience.

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