“Nobody’s Queen” – “Vagrant Queen” Review

nobodys queen

This week we spend a fair amount of time with Issac (Tim Rozon) and Amae (Alex McGregor) as the try to stay clear of giant rodents. Yes, folks, that is the world of “Vagrant Queen.” “Nobody’s Queen” does give us a bit more for Elida (Adriyan Rae) to do, but this episode ends up feeling a bit like filler. That isn’t a great place to be in the third of only ten chapters in total.

Who’s Got Your Back…Story

Unfortunately, we don’t delve too deeply into the backstories of either Issac or Amae. The two do spend some time building a connection, but that ends up feeling a bit like a tack-on to last week’s team-building exercise. It’s not that the writers should be giving us everything of these characters. Just a little more would be a better hook, though. Amae suffers the most for this. She is fun to watch due to Mcgregor’s performance, but we know almost nothing about the character. It feels like it’s time to give us something.

Relationships Take Work

The writers don’t seem to mind hinting about a possible relationship between Amae and Elida. Close quarters and tense situations will often give rise to things like that. I’m glad to see it a possibility here. It would be nice to know more about the similarities they share in their pasts before barreling into a relationship, though.

Nobody’s Queen

Elida finally reunites with the people that remain of her kingdom. There is a slight problem with the tone, though. For the most part, the reactions of the people struggling against the republic seem entirely understandable, and Elida comes off a bit…spoiled? Granted, she hasn’t been living with the same conflict. Her life has changed since she left the kingdom. We can even see from the flashbacks that she may never have cut out for the type of leadership these people expect.

Vagrant Queen In The Comics

I suspect my problem with what is on screen is again because we don’t have enough of what happened off. Full disclosure, I haven’t read the comic book series. I likely will pick it up and take a look when the run of the series is complete, but for now, I don’t want it to sway my opinions of the episodes. I hope the writers of the televised version, which includes comic creators Magdalene Visaggio, Jason Smith, and Gem Garrard, aren’t counting on the viewer bringing a certain knowledge level with them. We’ll see what next week brings.

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