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The TARDIS is feeling not big enough. ‘Praxeus’ introduces us to 6 new characters. Granted, it is unlikely we’ll see these people again, but the result is the Doctor’s companions get little to do. We’re shown that Ryan, Graham, and especially Yaz have grown in their time with the Doctor. It just would be nice to see how that happened.

I got the sense ‘Doctor Who‘ is setting up for the departure of at least one of the three. The show has always hinted that Yaz wants to be the Doctor’s best mate. ‘Praxeus’ takes that a little further though and has Yaz taking the Doctor’s place. Like Rose and Donna before her, that might not work out so well for Yaz. If this is what is going on, it would have been nice to see more of the progression. Unfortunately, with the large supporting casts, we aren’t getting as much time with the companions.

The Issues Of The Day

Climate change is a vast topic that should get the microscopic treatment by the entertainment industry. ‘Praxeus’ comes so close to ‘Orphan 55‘ that it feels a little repetitious. ‘Praxeus’ tells its story much better than its predecessor leaving ‘Orphan 55’ to seem like it should have saved for another season.

The special effects shine through in ‘Praxeus,’ as opposed to the poorly realized monsters of ‘Orphan 55.’ The quick crystallization and explosion of the Praxeus victims are one of the more shocking deaths we’ve seen on the show. The set dressing lets viewers believe that we’ve visited Madagascar, Hong Kong, and the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Visually, this episode might be the best so far this season.

Too Many Cooks

It’s just a problem that there are so many characters floating around. The ‘Two Girls Roaming’ team of Gabriella (Joana Borja) and Jamila (Gabriela Toloi) are barely onscreen before Jamila is dead. It’s hard to tell if the team were just friends or if there was more going on. Gabriella seems barely phased that her partner explodes on an abandoned hospital bed.

Similarly, we don’t learn much about the threat of this episode. Suki (Molly Harris) eventually reveals that she’s responsible for the release of Praxeus on Eather. We don’t get to learn much more than that before the disease takes her. Aramu (Thapelo Maropefela) dies mainly off-screen, leaving us to wonder who he might have been. Was he a member of Suki’s crew? Was he a human in the wrong place at the wrong time? So many questions.

The most realized characters go to Adam (Matthew McNulty) and Jake (Warren Brown). You can invest in their relationship and the problems inside of it. We don’t get to spend enough time with a healthy Adam. Because he spends the majority of the episode suffering the effects of Praxeus, he’s a little under-developed. That takes away from the chemistry the two characters might have otherwise had.

Next Time On Doctor Who

‘Praxeus’ is an ok episode, but it could have been better. It’s an episode overpacked with characters and locations that will leave you feeling a bit empty. This late in the season, there are a lot of threads floating without too many answers. Hopefully, the development of the relationship between the Doctor and her companions won’t continue to suffer. Otherwise, it might work better to have the Doctor traveling alone. At least that way, it would leave more space for character development.

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