Previously On WandaVision Reveals The Future

Was it Agatha all along? WandaVision again decides to throw it all in the air this week, and the twists keep coming. “Previously On WandaVision” gives us a deep dive into Agatha’s ancient past and Wanda’s more recent history. So much information and so many more questions. Let’s get into what’s happened and what still seems to be happening next.

What Is She Waiting For?

I’m still a little unclear on Agatha’s point in forcing Wanda to relive her real past. Yes, I get that Agatha wants to know how Wanda created the world of Westview because that is some power. What I’m not sure about is why. It seemed when we got a glimpse of Agatha’s past, one of her abilities was taking other witches’ power. Couldn’t she have just done that to Wanda? Of course, I realize that no, she can’t, because otherwise, Wanda can’t go on to become a more significant part of the Marvel Universe. It’s just too bad that they showed us that Agatha could do precisely that. I guess the question that remains is will Agatha take at least some of Wanda’s power? If she does, she’ll become a powerful villain.

I Know How You Are Feeling

That is just a small part of what this episode is about, though. We finally get to see Wanda’s journey and what led us to Westview in the first place. None of the information was new, but seeing it is an actual fan moment. I’m glad that “Previously On WandaVision” doesn’t overlook what got us to this episode. Sure, Agatha may well be the big bad, but let’s not forget that grief is a powerful thing, especially if you feel alone in the world. You might not end up being able to create Vibranium, but it does change you.

Previously On WandaVision, We Had Questions

The questions of “Previously On WandaVision,” though, are not small. It’s going to be a lot to sum up next week in the finale. How exactly did Wanda recreate Vision? Did she create her sons, or did Agatha drop them in somehow? The same question of Pietro, and also where did he end up? Is he back hanging out on the Fox lot, or is there more in store for him? Is it next Friday yet so we can get some answers?


Let’s also not forget what Hayward has been up to this entire time. The idea of sentient weapons has been alluded to before “Previously On WandaVision,” but the result is a bit shocking. Hayward has somehow brought Vision back as well, but of course, it won’t be the Vision we know and love. The Vision we know and love was a product of the Infinity Stone. Does the version of Vision Wanda created have one, or is it just an allusion. Seriously, why isn’t it next Friday yet?