“Requiem For Republic” Could Also Be For “Vagrant Queen”

requiem for republic

“Requiem for Republic” shows us Lazaro’s (Paul du Toit) gruesome rise to power. We also get to follow up with our team and the fallout from last week’s revelations. I would have rathered that the writers would have spent a bit more time with our heroes because the result is an episode that is difficult to connect with emotionally. It is also too late in the season to feel a void when it comes to the main characters.


Representation of LGBTQI people on television has always been a little bit of a mixed bag. Surely it has gotten better since the first characters began to appear. Sometimes though, it still feels like there is a long way to go. There is a difference between implied representation and expressed. The choice to keep a relationship between Amae (Alex McGregor) and Elida (Adriyan Rae) implied is a little beyond me in 2020. It also feels like “Vagrant Queen” has waited too long if it ever intends to push them to express. As a viewer, I feel like I’ve already moved on. That isn’t a great place for the show to be because what else is left then?

The Friend Zone?

Issac’s (Tim Rozon) betrayal carries more impact, and Elida’s reaction to it makes sense. It’s frustrating, though, that there’s more focus on what goes on between Issac and Elida. I understand that Elida and Amae’s potential relationship doesn’t need to be the main focus of the show. It just makes dancing around their relationship all the more unnecessary. I also understand that you can have a series with two friends as lead characters who will never be romantically involved. If that is what the writers want, however, they need to stop trying to throw hints about Issac and Elida.

Requiem for Republic?

I also don’t feel like talking much about Lazaro’s coup. It’s psychotic, and I mentioned before, particularly gruesome. I should have come away utterly terrified of what this man with this new power can do. And yet, I’m just bored watching his antics on screen. I can’t put my finger on whether it’s the writing or the acting of this character, but I know I don’t care. It is a shame because a personality you can love to hate can often cover up a lot of flaws for a series. If that is missing, especially if the person in question is supposed to be over-the-top, it can be ruinous for a show.

Nothing But Questions?

It feels like there isn’t enough time to reverse the course for this show, with only three episodes left. I think we can safely assume that Elida will get her people’s power back, and Lazaro will disappear, only to reappear when you least expect it. We should also, at this point, be hoping that Elida will forgive Issac and tell Amae she loves her. Instead, it seems like the series should send Issac back to Earth and Amae back to her brother and her mechanics shop. That is just a little depressing for a show that promised so much cheesy nostalgic fun.

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