“Return To Kamino” Finds The Plot Of “The Bad Batch”

A “Return to Kamino” finally brings the focus of “The Bad Batch” to its leading players. Thus far, the show has suffered a bit under Dave Filoni’s tendency to take a look at the galaxy at large. That’s not a bad thing, but it leaves “The Bad Batch” feeling more a supplement to other programs. The revelations featured here would have helped the show feel more cohesive if they had come earlier in the season.

Omega remains a mystery, and “Return to Kamino” only adds to that. We find that she was present at the creation of Clone Force 99. Like Boba Fett, Omega is primarily an unaltered clone of Jango. The ‘regs,’ including Hunter, Wrecker, Echo, and Tech, were altered to mature faster. The introduction of her presence is a bit odd, though. Did she have something to do with their creation? We’ll likely touch on it a bit more in the season finale, but for now, it’s a big tantalizing question.

Not that the showdown between Clone Force 99 and Crosshair offers any more clarity. Remembering that Echo only joined 99 later, the original Force consisted of Crosshair, Hunter, Echo, and Tech. Meaning it was those four that Omega saw created. Could it be that she knows why Crosshair isn’t coming to their side, even without an inhibitor chip? Sorry, it’s hard not to focus on the questions raised there because it would appear to be the key to the series.

Crosshair’s revelation that he hasn’t had an inhibitor chip in some time is also something to dwell on in “Return to Kamino”. He’s seen the same galaxy Clone Force 99 has and thrown his fate in with the Empire. An interesting choice considering how the Empire is treating the majority of the Clone Troopers, of which he is well aware. Is it possible that ties into an earlier thought about Omega as well? Perhaps both are force-sensitive, and maybe he’s on his way to becoming an Inquisitor?

All of this leads to a confrontation on Kamino between Crosshair and the others. The Empire, via Admiral Rampart, realizes that they can kill all birds with one stone and abandons Crosshair on the planet. They also proceed to destroy every known structure on Kamino. Whew, it’s fortunate there is that unknown landing pad and private transport to it; otherwise, we’d have to spend a week thinking our heroes died. “Return to Kamino” does what we’ve needed for this series. Once again, Dave Filoni has put aside all the side wandering to deliver a compelling episode that will keep us coming back.