“Sunshine Express Yourself” Already

sunshine express yourself

Sometimes a show feels like it had less to say than the writers intended. Increasingly, that is the case with “Vagrant Queen.” After seven weeks, “Sunshine Express Yourself” feels an episode where the team should be deep in their plot to depose Lazaro (Paul du Toit.) Instead, we’ve been through another confirmation that Elida (Adriyan Rae), Amae (Alex McGregor), and Issac (Tim Rozon) are, in fact, a team.

No More Drama

Sometimes you need to tear things apart so you can build them back up. “Sunshine Express Yourself” attempts to do this but doesn’t get viewers to where they need to be. No one (well, at least I) buys that Elida is going to leave Amae and Issac behind. As such, all of the potential drama of the episode dies. We’re left with a somewhat schmaltzy reunion and otherwise not much plot development. Effectively, we’re in the same place we were last week.


There is some movement with the building relationship between Elida and Amae. The writers again choose to pair Amae with Issac for the majority of the episode, though. At this point, they have a stronger case for a relationship between the two of them. Amae’s instant connection with a fellow traveler on the Sunshine Express feels awkward as a result. The viewers have invested in Amae and Elida. Here it seems until the last moments that maybe that relationship wasn’t as meaningful as we thought. It all plays into the too little, too late I’ve spoken of before. Will-they-or-won’t-they is challenging to pull off for any show, and “Vagrant Queen” isn’t doing well.

What Didn’t Happen

And then that’s it. There are no revelations in this episode; we’re no closer to the goal. And that, in the age of limited episode streaming, is frustrating. “Vagrant Queen” has spent a lot of its time getting viewers to invest in its characters. Unfortunately, they had that investment almost immediately. It seemed like we were in for a treat, combined with some nostalgic ribbing of bad 80’s sci-fi. Instead, the show falls into the same traps as the movies it tries to pay tribute to and leaves viewers wanting more. Hopefully, with only three episodes left, it will find a way to deliver. It’s not looking too promising at the moment, though.

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