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The Hand Of Fear

Classic Doctor Who – Now With 70% Less Filler

These shortened episodes make a great introduction to the Classic era of “Doctor Who.” I’ve been a fan since the mid-’70s when the show found its way to the US via PBS. The pacing of classic-era serials can be tedious, especially considering that modern stories take 45 minutes or less.

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The Daleks Will Take Over Twitch Presents

Twitch Presents just can’t get enough ‘Doctor Who’.  The streaming channel held a ‘Doctor Who’ marathon last summer that aired every existing episode of the classic era of the show over a seven-week period.  That proved to be so popular that a repeat of the marathon occurred earlier this year.  Apparently though, ‘Doctor Who’ fans are still clamoring for more […]

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Classic Doctor Who Marathon Is Returning To Twitch

If you’ve missed the first 55 years, now is your big chance!  Twitch will be hosting another Classic Doctor Who marathon beginning January 5th.  From ‘An Unearthly Child’ to ‘Survival’ and all existing episodes in between, Doctor Who will take over my Twitch channel for the next seven weeks.  The kind folks over at DoctorWhoTv have provided […]

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Today On Twitch Presents – The Doctor Who Marathon Finale

Today marks the end of the ‘Doctor Who’ Marathon on Twitch.  ‘Ghost Light’, ‘The Curse of Fenric’ and the final classic ‘Doctor Who’ episode ‘Survival’ will be streaming all day on the service.  It’s also your last chance to get entries for the sweepstakes Twitch has been running.  You can tune in for all the fun right here.  And don’t […]

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