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Doctor Who The Halloween Apocalypse

“The Halloween Apocalypse” Is A Mostly Strong Launch For “Doctor Who”

“The Halloween Apocalypse” manages, mainly, to deliver what you want from an opening episode of “Doctor Who.” Part one of a six-part serialized season, “The Halloween Apocalypse” lays out what we can expect coming up. However, attention to our main characters seems to be missing still, a criticism often lobbed at the Chibnall years of […]

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There Is A Doctor Who Humble Bundle To Satisfy Your Cravings

It’s that time of year again. “Doctor Who” has just concluded another run, and now the days and weeks feel empty without something to look forward too. Well, it turns out there is a solution to this problem. Just head over to Humble Bundle, and you can get access to a plethora of “Doctor Who” goodies.

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Fugitive of the Judoon

Fugitive Of The Judoon

‘Fugitive of the Judoon’ packs a season’s worth of jaw-dropping moments into one of the tightest hours we’ve had in a while. Arcs in the world of the show can be dicey with the payoff not being as exciting as the clues. Hopefully, Chris Chibnall is up to the task. He’s given us a lot to work with so far. It’s sure to satisfy those still longing for the explosive moment to explosive moment of the David Tennant years. It also does what ‘Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror’ failed to do and trusts that character growth can make an interesting story.

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Doctor Who - Spyfall

‘Doctor Who – Spyfall’ Review

I chose to wait for both episodes of ‘Doctor Who – Spyfall’ to air before reviewing them. I didn’t want to engage in the speculation that comes with a cliffhanger. Based on some of the guessing flying around the internet, I think I made the right choice. So what does the start of Jodie Whittaker’s […]

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Good Omens – Saturday Morning Funtime Review

Armaggedon finally begins to rear its ugly head in ‘Saturday Morning Funtime’, and it’s not a moment too soon.  While the first three episodes of the series have been entertaining to watch, the march toward the end seemed to be taking a back seat to the antics of Crowley and Aziraphale.  It’s hard to call that […]

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Good Omens – Hard Times Review

If episode three of ‘Good Omens’ proves anything, it’s that the relationship between Crowley and Aziraphale and more importantly David Tennant and Michael Sheen is what makes this adaptation worth watching.  The other elements, while entertaining, cannot hold the whole thing together the way these two do.  Yes, that is the nature of these characters from […]

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The Book Slows The Pace Of Good Omens A Bit

Have you ever had someone tell you a story about an event that you were present for?  Did that person struggle to fit in so many details, in case there might have been something you missed, that your attention span wandered?  “The Book” feels like that moment.  Perhaps it’s because I’ve had a few read-throughs of […]

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In The Beginning, Good Omens Sets The Stage

Being the first episode of a fairly ambitious series ‘In the Beginning’ gets a little more leeway than most series premieres do.  Mostly because the idea of bringing ‘Good Omens’ to the screen was thought largely impossible by many.  When you’ve got Neil Gaiman behind it and Amazon throwing their money at it, then it just becomes […]

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David Tennant Is Going To Host A Podcast

David Tennant is getting into the podcasting world.  The actor will host “David Tennant Does A Podcast With…’ for Somethin’ Else and No Mystery Production.  The first guest on the show will be Olivia Colman, and then in the coming weeks look for stars like Jon Hamm, Whoopi Goldberg, Sir Ian McKellan, Jodie Whittaker, and more.  […]

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