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The Hand Of Fear

Classic Doctor Who – Now With 70% Less Filler

These shortened episodes make a great introduction to the Classic era of “Doctor Who.” I’ve been a fan since the mid-’70s when the show found its way to the US via PBS. The pacing of classic-era serials can be tedious, especially considering that modern stories take 45 minutes or less.

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BBC America Announces Tom Baker’s First Season In Doctor Who To Be Released On Blu Ray

Tom Baker’s first season as the Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ is making its way to Blu Ray thanks to Warner Bros and BBC America.  The only other classic era episode available on the format is Jon Pertwee’s ‘Spearhead From Space’ (reconstructions such as ‘Shada’ are also available, but are not ‘complete’ episodes).  The season was not filmed in a […]

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