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“Su’Kal” Seeks To Bring Discovery Back On Point

“Star Trek: Discovery” seems to have a plot problem this season. The burn could have been the focus of the season, but just as equally, Emperor Georgiou’s departure could have taken center stage. With Georgiou finally departed, “Su’Kal” tries to focus on the burn with mixed results. The show introduced too much at the last […]

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A Point Of Light Reveals The Dark Places We Find The Discovery Crew In

The tone this season on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has generally been a lot lighter and brighter than last season, but that doesn’t mean that the characters are in their best places.  ‘Point of Light’ explores a bit of where some of the characters are and it turns out none of them are in the best of shape.  […]

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Michelle Yeoh Is In Talks To Lead A Section 31 Based Star Trek Series

Deadline is reporting that CBS All Access is in talks with Michelle Yeoh about a new ‘Star Trek’ series centering on her character.  When last we saw Philippa Georgiou, she was being recruited into the shadowy Section 31 division of Starfleet.  Georgiou, as played by Yeoh, appears in the trailers for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ season 2, so […]

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