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"Star Trek: Lower Decks - Veritas"

You Can’t Handle The Veritas – “Star Trek: Lower Decks” Review

“Star Trek: Lower Decks” seems capable of delivering more than just an homage to “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” I know I’ve been spoiled by “Star Trek: Discovery” and “Star Trek: Picard” and now want clearly defined arcs for my characters. “Lower Decks” may never deliver that level of storytelling, but a consistent growth would be preferable. Or is that too much to expect from a cartoon?

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absolute candor

“Absolute Candor” Review Of The Latest “Star Trek: Picard”

We have the understanding we need to realize where Picard is now and how the rest of the universe might feel about him. We also have, for better or worse, his team together. Some might find the challenging of the almost god-like status of Jean-Luc Picard troubling, but the progression of the character makes sense. He took a stand, and it didn’t go as planned.

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