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WandaVision Episode 4 Is Everything You Need To Know

At the start of “WandaVision,” I was concerned that you would need to know a lot about the Marvel Universe to follow along each week. Now, with WandaVision Episode 4, I wish we could binge the show and uncover all of its mysteries. I need to go back and start over with the Marvel movies […]

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WandaVision Episode 3 – Now In Color But Still Cloudy

“WandaVision Episode 3″ continues to ask the question of “What is going on here?” The only problem is that no one seems to know exactly, or if they do, they are afraid to talk about it. Something, as Vision notices, isn’t quite right with Westview. Is it what Wanda wants, though? If it isn’t, who […]

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“WandaVision Episode 2” – Who Is Doing This To Us?

“Wanda, who’s doing this to you?” It’s the question we all have so far. “WandaVision” has done an exciting job in its first two episodes of mixing the mystery with the almost insane. “WandaVision Episode 2” has references that are likely to go unnoticed if you haven’t watched everything Marvel (like me), but the show […]

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