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“Terra Firma Part One” Leaves “Discovery” On Shaky Ground

Time travel, rewriting history, a possible new omnipotent being. “Terra Firma Part One” sure does pack a lot into a “Star Trek: Discovery” episode. Georgiou takes center stage as the show tries to cure what ails her. The route we take to get there comes a bit out of left field and could be somewhat […]

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The Universe Can Rejoice – William Shatner Has Unblocked Jason Isaacs

While it was a short cold war, ‘Star Trek’ fans are still reeling from the implications.  On November 27th, William Shatner without warning blocked fellow Star Fleet Captain Jason Isaacs on Twitter.  The reasons are unknown, but one can only assume it had to do with Klingons.  The cold war has come to an end however, […]

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William Shatner Blocks Jason Isaacs On Twitter

William Shatner has blocked Jason Isaacs on Twitter.  Shatner hasn’t given any particular reason, but it may be due to comments Isaacs made saying he didn’t want Shatner to cameo on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’.  Shatner is known for starting Twitter feuds, so this may be just another in a long line.  Of the block, Isaacs tweeted:  […]

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