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“Revolution of the Daleks” Doesn’t Provide Much Of An Uprising

Our time with the Doctor (Jodie Whitaker) was short this holiday season, and we have no idea when she’ll return, only that she will eventually. Oddly, that seemed to be a message “Revolution of the Daleks” was trying to communicate. The BBC’s subtle way of telling us to get used to a year or longer […]

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Fugitive of the Judoon

Fugitive Of The Judoon

‘Fugitive of the Judoon’ packs a season’s worth of jaw-dropping moments into one of the tightest hours we’ve had in a while. Arcs in the world of the show can be dicey with the payoff not being as exciting as the clues. Hopefully, Chris Chibnall is up to the task. He’s given us a lot to work with so far. It’s sure to satisfy those still longing for the explosive moment to explosive moment of the David Tennant years. It also does what ‘Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror’ failed to do and trusts that character growth can make an interesting story.

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Original Torchwood Cast Reunites For New Audiobook

This April, Big Finish will release a new Torchwood audiobook which will be the first to feature all of the original crew.  The last time John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Gareth David-Lloyd, Burn Gorman, and Naoko Mori appeared in Torchwood together was 2008′s ‘Exit Wounds’.  Big Finish has also offered a synopsis of ‘Believe’: The Church of the […]

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