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“The Sanctuary” Fails To Provide Comfort For “Star Trek: Discovery”

“The Sanctuary” finally draws out the big bad for this season of “Star Trek: Discovery,” and I couldn’t help but wonder if that was all? Discovery has gone up against the Klingon Empire, and an AI bent on destroying all life in the galaxy. An Orion pirate somehow feels a little bit underwhelming. Osyraa’s threat […]

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“Nepenthe” – “Star Trek: Picard” Episode Seven Review

Since the release of “Star Trek: Picard,” fans have been divided on the show’s outlook. Some, longing for the world of “The Next Generation,” have decried the darker themes. Those fans will no doubt dub “Nepenthe” as the best of the run. The episode steps right up and smacks you in the nostalgia, not just with returning characters but also in feeling.

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The Impossible Box

“The Impossible Box” Star Trek: Picard Episode 6 Review

And then, that was it for the plot this week. Hugh manages to get Picard and Soji safely off the Borg Cube. While it was nice to feel some tension as XB’s (ex Borg) and Romulans closing in on Picard and company, the excitement levels never really get all that high. Next week seems as though it will return to a slower-paced plotline as we arrive at Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Deanna Troi’s (Marina Sirtis) home. With only four episodes to go, I’m left wondering where the show is trying to go. Hopefully, Riker will be able to set a more specific course for the remaining episodes.

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Jonathan Frakes Confirms He’ll Direct New Picard Series

Jonathan Frakes has confirmed that he’ll direct Patrick Stewart in the upcoming ‘Picard’ series on CBS All Access.  Speaking on The Writer Experience podcast, Frakes outlined his upcoming projects: Now my season looks like Star Trek: Discovery – the new wonderful Star Trek series, the Picard show – which Patrick [Stewart] is launching, and The Orville, […]

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Marina Sirtis Will Guest Star On A Jonathan Frakes Directed Episode Of The Orville

Marina Sirtis let slip on social media that she will be appearing in an upcoming episode of ‘The Orville’.  The posting also revealed that Jonathan Frakes will be directing the episode she’ll appear in.  Nothing else has been revealed just yet, so it’s unknown who she might be playing or how big a part it might […]

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Jonathan Frakes Has Some Advice For Quentin Tarantino

While the news that Quentin Tarantino is getting involved in the ‘Star Trek’ universe continues to grow, one actor from that universe has some advice for the director.  Jonathan Frakes is no stranger to the director’s chair himself.  Most notably he sat behind the camera for ‘Star Trek: First Contact’, the most successful of ‘The Next Generation’ series […]

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Discovery Sees A Return Of Jonathan Frakes To Star Trek This Week

Even though it’s only been 8 weeks, it feels like forever since we last checked in with ‘Star Trek: Discovery’.  Fortunately, the wait is over and the series returns this Sunday.  The first episode will deal with the aftermath of an emergency spore-drive jump, which left Stamets unable to control the drive and possibly dangerous to the […]

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