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“Su’Kal” Seeks To Bring Discovery Back On Point

“Star Trek: Discovery” seems to have a plot problem this season. The burn could have been the focus of the season, but just as equally, Emperor Georgiou’s departure could have taken center stage. With Georgiou finally departed, “Su’Kal” tries to focus on the burn with mixed results. The show introduced too much at the last […]

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“Terra Firma Part One” Leaves “Discovery” On Shaky Ground

Time travel, rewriting history, a possible new omnipotent being. “Terra Firma Part One” sure does pack a lot into a “Star Trek: Discovery” episode. Georgiou takes center stage as the show tries to cure what ails her. The route we take to get there comes a bit out of left field and could be somewhat […]

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The Latest Star Trek Short Treks Transforms Saru Into The Brightest Star

‘Star Trek: Short Treks’ has been packing a lot of story into tiny episodes, and ‘The Brightest Star’ is no exception.  The story takes a look into how Saru, a Kelpian from a pre-warp society came to be a member of Star Fleet.  The episode also features the surprise re-appearance of a character we haven’t seen in […]

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