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“Revolution of the Daleks” Doesn’t Provide Much Of An Uprising

Our time with the Doctor (Jodie Whitaker) was short this holiday season, and we have no idea when she’ll return, only that she will eventually. Oddly, that seemed to be a message “Revolution of the Daleks” was trying to communicate. The BBC’s subtle way of telling us to get used to a year or longer […]

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‘Praxeus’ Review

‘Praxeus’ is an ok episode, but it could have been better. It’s an episode overpacked with characters and locations that will leave you feeling a bit empty. This late in the season, there are a lot of threads floating without too many answers. Hopefully, the development of the relationship between the Doctor and her companions won’t continue to suffer. Otherwise, it might work better to have the Doctor traveling alone. At least that way, it would leave more space for character development.

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Billie Piper Returns To Rose For Big Finish Spin Off Series

The missing adventures of Rose Tyler will now be detailed in an upcoming audio series from Big Finish.  ‘Rose Tyler – The Dimension Cannon’ will cover what happened to Rose from the time she was first separated from the Doctor in Pete’s World to when she crossed dimensions to find him again – in the middle […]

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Is Billie Piper Hinting At A Rose Return To Doctor Who

If an emoji can be a hint, then Billie Piper may be returning to ‘Doctor Who’.  The actress posted this pic to SnapChat yesterday: (image via @keeley_jayne) Understandably, ‘Doctor Who’ fans are reading into the Rose emoji that Piper is planning to reprise the character of Rose Tyler, last seen in 2010′s ‘The End Of Time’.  Piper also […]

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New Trailer For The 10th Doctor Adventures (Volume 2) Features Return Of David Tennant and Billie Piper

You’ve been waiting, patiently, for the return of your favorite Doctor alongside your favorite companion, and now the time is here.  Big Finish Productions has released a trailer for the upcoming ‘10th Doctor Adventures (Volume 2)’, which features the voices of David Tennant as the Doctor and Billie Piper as Rose Tyler.  The three episode set […]

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Billie Piper On Returning To The World Of Doctor Who

Some might say that the role of Rose Tyler in ‘Doctor Who’ was career defining for Billie Piper.  The actress recently reflected on her decision to eventually leave the show and now her imminent return to the TARDIS for an upcoming Big Finish audiobook.  Speaking to Doctor Who Monthly, Piper had this to say about her […]

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