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“Terra Firma Part One” Leaves “Discovery” On Shaky Ground

Time travel, rewriting history, a possible new omnipotent being. “Terra Firma Part One” sure does pack a lot into a “Star Trek: Discovery” episode. Georgiou takes center stage as the show tries to cure what ails her. The route we take to get there comes a bit out of left field and could be somewhat […]

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“Unification III” Brings Discovery Back Together

“Unification III” gave itself some pretty big shoes to fill. The original two-part episodes are considered one of “The Next Generation”s best. Featuring the return of Spock, the story tells of his attempts to reunite the Romulan and Vulcan people. With over 800 years to see how his attempts played out, it was not easy […]

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“Scavengers” Examines The “Discovery” God Problem

“Scavengers” sheds a curious light on Michael Burnham’s dilemma. Her mixed feelings about remaining with Discovery get tested during the episode. The episode also spotlights a personality trait that may get to the heart of why some have had a hard time accepting Michael as the lead. Michael has always done what she thought to […]

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“Forget Me Not” – “Star Trek: Discovery

The overall takeaway from the episode is not to be afraid to ask for help. It’s a nice touch when Detmer asks Culber for help, and the idea of ‘macho’ gets a needed gender flip. It’s also good to see Stamets begin to realize that he isn’t the lone genius – I can’t wait to see what he and Tilly will cook up

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people of earth

“People of Earth” Long For A Home That No Longer Exists

The longing for connection to something gets explored well here. From Tilly’s reflection at the Starfleet badge wall to the tree on the old Starfleet Academy grounds, you feel the pain that jumping so far away from everything you know brings.

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far from home

“Far From Home” Leads Discovery To Some Predictable Results

Generally, the show takes every chance it can for exposition. Moving the show to an entirely different timeline begs more showcasing, yet it seems the producers are content to do less.

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Where Does The End Of Discovery Season 2 Leave Show?

Executive producer and showrunner Alex Kurtzman recently confirmed that ‘Discovery’ was going 950 years into the future and not coming back.  So what does this mean for the show?  We know a little bit for the Short Treks episode ‘Calypso’.  There we see a human male and hear about how he’s been a soldier in a battle […]

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Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow With The Finale Of Star Trek Discovery

The second season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ has come to a close, and any arguments that the show doesn’t line up with established canon are now irrelevant, for better or worse.  The characters we have come to know and love have departed to make their own canon, but not without leaving a backdoor to continue exploring […]

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Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow In A Slow Lead To The Finale For Star Trek Discovery

For an episode that sets up potentially one of the biggest battles we’ve seen in ‘Star Trek’ save some of the final battles from ‘Deep Space Nine’, we sure do spend a lot of time saying goodbye.  That is mostly what this episode is in fact.  It says so right in the title.  Of course, for a […]

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