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Star Trek Lower Decks

“Lower Decks:” Come For The Gags, Stay For The “Star Trek”

“Star Trek” has returned to animation for the first time since 1974. Like it’s older animated sibling, “Lower Decks” isn’t the same as its live-action counterparts. It’s familiar, but the pacing of what we know of “Star Trek” is different. Especially in the case of “Lower Decks,” which plays like a marriage of “Star Trek: […]

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As I have Always Been

“As I Have Always Been” Fascinated With Time Travel

Daisy (Chloe Bennet) is our lucky looper. The Zephyr has made its way into a time storm and can’t get out. Each loop brings it closer and closer to demise. The only people who can fix the situation are Enoch (Joel Stoffer) and Jemma (Elizabeth Henstridge). They have it hard-wired not to help so as not to give away Fitz’s location though. Meanwhile, Coulson (Clark Gregg) can retain his memory and coaches Daisy on how to get closer to solving the problem.

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Star Trek: Lower Decks

“Star Trek: Lower Decks” Trailer Is Here

CBS All Access will release new episodes of the show weekly. Sorry binge fans, the earliest you’ll be able to sit down and watch them all will be in October. “Lower Decks” features Tawny Newsome as Ensign Beckett Mariner, Jack Quaid as Ensign Brad Boimler, Eugene Cordero as Ensign Rutherford, and Noël Wells as Ensign Tendi. The show will follow the four Ensigns’ adventures, assigned to support duty aboard the USS Cerritos.

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Out Of The Past

Agents Of SHIELD Bring Someone Out Of The Past

What is an LMD like you doing in a slightly altered past like this? “Out of the Past” is the film-noir tribute that the producers of “Agents of SHIELD” have probably wanted to do since one of them first mentioned time-travel. Fortunately, it’s a fun roll through the genre. It also packs a little more into the look at racism and sexism that “Alien Commies From The Future!” started. The future also gets a gift from the past that is pretty spoilery, so we’ll talk about that later.

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et in arcadia ego

“Et In Arcadia Ego, Part Two” “Star Trek: Picard” Episode 10 Review

Overall it’s been a satisfying season with “Picard.” It’s good to see Patrick Stewart embody the role again and give the character a new life at the same time. The pacing of the season was a bit off, too slow at times while rushed at others. I think that is the price for a season meant to pay off the past. Now that we’ve acknowledged the future of “The Next Generation,” it will be a bit easier to move on.

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“Nepenthe” – “Star Trek: Picard” Episode Seven Review

Since the release of “Star Trek: Picard,” fans have been divided on the show’s outlook. Some, longing for the world of “The Next Generation,” have decried the darker themes. Those fans will no doubt dub “Nepenthe” as the best of the run. The episode steps right up and smacks you in the nostalgia, not just with returning characters but also in feeling.

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absolute candor

“Absolute Candor” Review Of The Latest “Star Trek: Picard”

We have the understanding we need to realize where Picard is now and how the rest of the universe might feel about him. We also have, for better or worse, his team together. Some might find the challenging of the almost god-like status of Jean-Luc Picard troubling, but the progression of the character makes sense. He took a stand, and it didn’t go as planned.

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The Orville Gets Beyond Its Primal Urges

‘Ja’loja’, the first episode of the second season of ‘The Orville’, would have been served much better by ‘Primal Urges’ being it’s lead in episode.  In fact, that is the way producers intended the episodes to run.  Instead, we are presented first with Bortus’ need for release, and then given all of the reasons for it.  ‘Primal Urges’ […]

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Bruce Boxleitner Will Replace Brent Spiner In Supergirl

Just a short while after it was announced, it appears that Brent Spiner is leaving a recurring role on ‘Supergirl’.  Spiner was to have played Vice President Baker, described as a leader who unexpectedly steps up to the task when needed.  Replacing Spiner will be Bruce Boxleitner (’Tron’, ‘Babylon 5′).  No reason was given for the departure, […]

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Brent Spiner Will Join The Cast Of Supergirl Next Season

Brent Spiner (Data, ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’) will be joining the cast of Supergirl for season 4.  The actor will take on the part of Vice President Baker.  The role will be recurring, so we’ll get to spend some time with the new VP.    The official bio of the character lists him as “adept […]

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