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“The Tragedy” Is a “Mandalorian” Fans Dream

If you’ve been feeling like “The Mandalorian” is moving too slowly this season, “The Tragedy” ultimately makes up for it. It almost feels as if everything happens in this episode though we haven’t quite hit the conclusion yet. The episode also features the long-anticipated return of a classic Star Wars character. It’s hard to think […]

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The Mandalorian - The Gunslinger

The Mandalorian – The Gunslinger Review

If it is who we think it’s pretty significant for the direction of the show and the ‘Star Wars’ universe. How this character and Mando interact and how it affects the mission is breadcrumb I need to go forward. It just feels like it shouldn’t have taken this long to get here

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The Mandalorian – The Child Review

‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian’ has been praised in many places for feeling like, if not even more like, ‘Star Wars’ than we’ve been given lately.  While I’m not inclined to agree with that assessment (After all, ‘Star Wars’ is a many-headed beast and who is the judge of what feels like it and what doesn’t?), ‘The Mandalorian’ does […]

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