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“Revolution of the Daleks” Doesn’t Provide Much Of An Uprising

Our time with the Doctor (Jodie Whitaker) was short this holiday season, and we have no idea when she’ll return, only that she will eventually. Oddly, that seemed to be a message “Revolution of the Daleks” was trying to communicate. The BBC’s subtle way of telling us to get used to a year or longer […]

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The Timeless Children

“The Timeless Children” – Doctor Who Series Finale Review

Could it be possible the BBC is gearing up to have more than one Doctor at a time? As the Master once said, “A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about.” A cosmos with two at a time, though? “The Timeless Children” introduces endless possibilities.

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ascension of the cybermen

“Ascension Of The Cybermen” – “Doctor Who” Finale Review Part One

‘Ascension of the Cybermen’ really feels like it isn’t leaving enough room for the final episode to settle everything up. At least, not in a satisfactory way. The question of who Brendon is has too many possibilities. To solve it seems like it will take too much time away from The Doctor and The Master. Unless it’s all intertwined somehow, which really could change everything as the Master has promised. I’m interested in watching what “The Timeless Children” will bring. I’m ready for the too quick wrap-up that has plagued so many Doctor Who finales as well.

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the haunting of villa diodati

“Doctor Who – The Haunting Of Villa Diodati” Review

“Doctor Who” in recent years has tried to tackle horror to mixed results. “The Haunting Of Villa Diodati” gets right down to the creation of horror stories, introducing us to the night Mary Shelley was inspired to create “Frankenstein.” Throw in a classic “Doctor Who” villain that was inspired by Shelley’s creation, and you have […]

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can you hear me

“Doctor Who: Can You Hear Me?” Review

For a season that is promising big revelations, we haven’t had a lot to go on. You almost wonder if some of the discoveries will wait for another series. Hopefully, the next episode won’t be as forgettable as this. It would be nice to see some of the points make their return before the 2 part finale.

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Get Your First Look At The Doctor Who New Years Day Special

The BBC and BBC America have revealed the first glimpse of Jodie Whittaker in the upcoming ‘Doctor Who’ New Years Day special.  The addition of the scarf to the outfit calls to mind a certain past Doctor, doesn’t it?  Also unveiled was a synopsis for the episode: As the New Year begins, a terrifying evil is […]

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The Tsuranga Conundrum Underscores The Themes Of Doctor Who This Year

Spoiler alert – This is exactly the kind of episode that can get the fans riled up into a screaming mass of people running around saying the show is done for.  It has corridors!  It has a cutesy villain!  It has more gender-swapping in the most gender-swapped season of all!  It’s a miracle there wasn’t […]

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Arachnids In The UK Brings It All Home For Doctor Who

The Doctor finally manages to get her new friends back to Sheffield, and even in the right time zone this week, and in doing so manages to confirm the workings of team TARDIS.  We move past the idea of people stuck together because of situation and get to a team that is traveling by choice. […]

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Doctor Who ‘Rosa’ Review

The historical is a staple in the types of ‘Doctor Who’ episodes.  If you time travel, you’ll visit the past at some point.  Generally, the show stays away from even possibly controversial moments in history (well, save 2011′s ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’, an episode that probably wouldn’t be made today).  ‘Rosa’ dives right into the issue of race and […]

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The Ghost Monument Opens A Lot Of Questions For Series 11 Of Doctor Who

On the one hand, ‘The Ghost Monument’ is a throwaway story.  A vehicle to get the Doctor reunited with her TARDIS in which nothing much else happens.  Dig a little deeper and the grander scheme of the season starts to take shape.  More than one idea is revealed that could be forming the overall arc we’ll be […]

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