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“The Mandalorian” Doesn’t Offer Anything To “The Believer”

“The Believer” is a difficult-to-like episode of “Star Wars: The Mandalorian.” It doesn’t offer the series much in the plot, which is pretty frustrating as it’s the penultimate story of this year. Character redemption is always a nice feature, but it doesn’t feel necessary for a character we’ve barely met and are unlikely to see […]

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“The Tragedy” Is a “Mandalorian” Fans Dream

If you’ve been feeling like “The Mandalorian” is moving too slowly this season, “The Tragedy” ultimately makes up for it. It almost feels as if everything happens in this episode though we haven’t quite hit the conclusion yet. The episode also features the long-anticipated return of a classic Star Wars character. It’s hard to think […]

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Star Wars The Mandalorian The Reckoning

Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Reckoning Review

‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Reckoning‘ takes the disparate elements of the show and starts to weave them together. My chief complaint this season, albeit a minor one, was that there wasn’t continuity between the episodes. I knew that eventually, things introduced one week would show back up later in the season. In a […]

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Star Wars Trilogy

The Original Star Wars Trilogy – Star Wars Recall

How do you review the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy and bring something new to the table? I thought instead of trying to add what my opinion of the films is; I would take a look at what could have been. The moments we all know vaguely of, but that were deleted from scripts before filming began. Here’s the next entry in my ‘Star Wars Recall’ series. Get ready for alternate ‘Star Wars.

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