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“The Series Finale” Of “WandaVision”

Well, “The Series Finale” of “WandaVision” has come and gone. Only time will tell whether it truly is the last of the series. I hope that it isn’t because I’d like to spend more time with these specific characters. I know they’ll show up elsewhere, but likely not in this configuration. Wanda will be a […]

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WandaVision finds some unexpected Family Ties

The world of “WandaVision” is beginning to unravel in “On A Very Special Episode” where “WandaVision” meets “Family Ties.” WandaVision has used the worlds of sitcoms past to maintain the illusion that life is perfect. Moving to a version of “Family Ties” is a wise choice for the surroundings. Wanda has an increasingly difficult time […]

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