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cupid's errant arrow

“Cupid’s Errant Arrow” Hits “Lower Decks” In The Canon

Uh-oh, “Cupid’s Errant Arrow” is going to cause some problems for the canon guards. Uniforms appearing in the wrong place will drive the purest of “Star Trek” fans mad. Maybe the liberal dropping of easter eggs will help. I guess we’ll see on the internet this week. Brace yourselves. Uniform Decision The uniforms in question […]

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Patrick Stewart Set To Return To Star Trek For CBS All Access It’s been rumored for awhile now that Patrick Stewart was in negotiations to return to Captain Picard. Stewart himself even dropped some hope earlier this year when commenting about ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. Yesterday at the Star Trek Las Vegas Convention, the actor not […]

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Joe Menosky Joins The Orville

The second season of ‘The Orville’ is adding in another ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ veteran.  Joe Menosky recently penned the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ episode ‘Lethe’, but will be joining ‘The Orville’ this year as a Co-Executive Producer.  Menosky joined ‘TNG’ during its fourth season and is perhaps best known for ‘Darmok’, an episode that finds Picard stranded on a hostile planet […]

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