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no small parts

There Are “No Small Parts” In “Star Trek: Lower Decks”

All in all, “Star Trek: Lower Decks” is a fun watch. There is enough of a hook for those who have become accustomed to the threads prevalent in today’s streaming world. It’s also a nice throwback to the days where you could tune in whenever and know what was going on. And it does it all without making Starfleet look too silly, which is better than some Star Trek series have done.

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Marina Sirtis Will Guest Star On A Jonathan Frakes Directed Episode Of The Orville

Marina Sirtis let slip on social media that she will be appearing in an upcoming episode of ‘The Orville’.  The posting also revealed that Jonathan Frakes will be directing the episode she’ll appear in.  Nothing else has been revealed just yet, so it’s unknown who she might be playing or how big a part it might […]

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