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Adapt Or Die Isn’t A Warning You Should Give The “Agents of SHIELD”

After a discussion with Sybil the Predictor (Tamara Taylor) that is more about Coulson’s speech than learning much, Coulson blows up the Chronicom hunter forms that were about to be awakened. Good news for the team, but we also apparently lose Coulson in the explosion. We did have a whole long conversation about him being able to come back from the dead, so I don’t think he’s gone, but it still makes for a good midseason rattle ’em up. Adapt or die indeed.

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All Roads Lead To A Bit Of A Mess On Agents Of SHIELD

With only four episodes left in the season, it’s feeling a bit late to not really know much of anything about how the team ended up here.  The second half of the season has been especially frustrating because unless we start going after some of the bigger players, nothing seems to be really changing what […]

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