“Tales From The Loop” Brings It All “Home”

tales from the loop

A season of “Tales From The Loop” comes to an end. In its way, “Home” wraps up everything we saw this season. Of course, “Tales From The Loop” isn’t big on explaining every detail, so much is left open. You’re left wanting more, and not sure you’re going to get it. With this show, though, that isn’t such a bad thing.

Danny And Jakob

“Home” takes a closer look at what Cole (Duncan Joiner) has been through since his brother Jakob (Daniel Zolghadri) left. A situation made more complicated by the continuing presence of Jakob. Back at the beginning of the season Jakob and his friend Danny (Tyler Barnhardt) came across a technology that allowed them to switch bodies. Danny, deciding that his life won’t be worth living, decides to stay in Jakob’s place. Jakob, trying to reverse the situation, returns to the technology and ends up in a robot.


In “Home,” Danny finally comes clean with Cole about what happened. Cole doesn’t believe him at first but then goes searching for his missing brother. He finds the robot in the woods, and the two spend some time together. Ultimately Jakob is damaged in their travels and dies. Time passes oddly in the Loop forest, though, and Cole ends up missing for an undisclosed amount of years. He misses the passing of his father George (Paul Schneider) and grandmother Klara (Jane Alexander.) Only his mother, Loretta (Rebecca Hall), remains.

Tales From The Loop

Loretta, of course, has been through an odd time journey herself. She encountered her younger self, whom Cole had befriended, as an adult. Is this time-warping something inherent in her family? We’ll never really know. What happened to her and Cole has no explanation. It doesn’t need to be either. We later encounter an adult Cole (Shane Carruth) who comments that time moves in the blink of an eye. It must have seemed so leaving a parent relatively young and returning to them when they are elderly, all in the space of a few days. Loretta’s promise to always be there for Cole has added weight when you realize it is true. He knew her as a child, as an adult, and as a senior. It almost makes you wonder how she will continue to be there for him.

New Idea

There are new things introduced that barely are touched on—like Russ (Jonathan Pryce) building Sarah (Stephanie Estes), a second successful robot who goes on teach Loretta, George, Jakob, and Cole at school. I guess there never were parent-teacher conferences since the news comes as a surprise. The plots raised that have no finality frustrate, though. The story seems to be about Russ’s family, but you can’t help but wonder why we spend time, then, with May (Nicole Law). Was it merely because of her temporary connection with Jakob? Maybe we’ll never know, perhaps it’s another story for the Loop.

Begin Again?

I hope we’ll be getting more from this show. Despite it’s at times missing continuity, it’s beautiful to watch. I don’t feel like I’ve spent enough time with any of the characters, but I’d like the opportunity to spend more. More of a focus on the central characters would be nice, but I wouldn’t want to miss the stories that came from the supporting cast. Maybe we just need more time in Mercer.